Grilled Liempo Recipe

Now this is a very straightforward recipe that depends purely on the quality of the meat that you cook, as well as your patience. Grilling over hot coals is a method that is a little more intensive (and sweaty), but quite healthy, as you won’t be using the amount of cooking oil that frying utilizes—you’ll be making the most of the natural fat contained in the cuts you’ve chosen. This method also imparts a rich, smoky taste that blends well with any added salt and pepper or soy sauce—the calamansi will add a sharpness that will cut through the smoke and fat. Pair this dish with some vinegar, chopped chili peppers and lots of fluffy white rice—the smell alone will have your mouth watering and impatient for the pork to finish cooking thoroughly. This recipe is perfect for summer cookouts, accompanied by boiled vegetables.


  • 350g pork liempo, boneless
  • salt or soysauce and pepper to taste
  • 6 pcs calamansi

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Season liempo with salt, pepper and calamansi.
  2. Grill pork until done, do not overcook.
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